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Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

4 Thrilling Mountain Coasters in Gatlinburg That You Need to Experience

If you love roller coasters, just wait until you have a chance to experience one of the mountain coasters in Gatlinburg! These unique thrill rides are similar to a roller coaster where the cart is securely attached to tubular steel tracks, but in this case you are in the driver’s seat! That means that you get to control your own speed as you wind your way down the mountain with a simple braking system! Here are 4 thrilling mountain coasters in Gatlinburg that you need to experience:


Top 4 Attractions in Gatlinburg That are Perfect for Families

Taking your family to Gatlinburg for your next trip together? There are so many fun attractions in Gatlinburg you have to check out! Whether you love adventure or animals, there’s something to do for everyone in your family. Here are the top 4 attractions in Gatlinburg that are perfect for families: